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Build Your Brand With Storytelling

Build Your Brand With Storytelling

You have been asked a million times before – What is your business?

Build Your Brand with Storytelling

Well, where do you start? As an entrepreneur, you know everything there is to know about your business, your industry… But do you know how to tell your story?

Effective storytelling, that is, conveying your unique selling proposition, is crucial to connect with your customers, win them over, and build your brand in the process. Much of this can be accomplished with social media. Often referred to as ‘amplified word of mouth’, social media holds huge opportunity to get your story heard by the right people and spread the word about your business.

"Successful marketing is successfully telling your story," tells Stephanie Ash, CEO of Firedog Communications. "As a business, if you’re not able to tell your story very well, you’re not as likely to close the sale. Businesses need to tell their stories well to be able to convince people to buy from them, work with them, and use their services."

The key to great storytelling for brand building is relating yourself to your customer. Your business must understand your customers; their needs, wants, values, lifestyle, the challenges they face, what makes them tick, etc., in order to form a connection. Those that take the time to figure out who their customers are can tell their stories in a way that makes their business more relatable to them.

So how can you effectively tell your story? As a start, consider what makes your business different, who is buying from you, and the demand that your product or service satisfies. Also utilize your social media analytical tools.

Tools such as Facebook Insights provide quantitative data as to the demographics of your followers, as well as qualitative data, as to what they are talking about, what makes them tick, and their values and interests, etc. You can use this information to tailor your marketing to match up with the wants and needs of your audience, and gauge how they respond to it.

Jasmin Fisher, marketing professional, states, "People are going to talk about you on social media. By actively listening and monitoring your analytics information, you can control the conversation to your advantage."

Once you have established your brand and unique selling point, stick to who you are. Consistency is key, and you must reinforce the same message across all mediums. This means that you, your employees, as well as your suppliers and contacts must be telling the same story. Who you are as a business has to show through in all of your communications.

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