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Geology / Mining Courses and Curriculums

Thunder Bay offers excellent Post Secondary Education in Geology and Mining/Mining related programs. Here are some examples of the Educational Opportunities Lakehead University and Confederation College offer. All of these programs will help to educate and give students valuable knowledge about the Mining Sector.

Lakehead University:

Undergrad Degrees: Environmental Studies, Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical/Computer), Geology, Geography, Water Resource Science. For more information, visit:

Masters Programs: Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and Geology. For more information, visit:

Confederation College Programs and Certificates:

Environmental Technician, Mining Techniques Certificate Program (with option to enrol in Haileybury School of Mines and Engineering/ Cambrian College second year Technician program)

Skilled trades include: Construction, Mechanical Techniques, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Power Engineering, and Welding

Engineering: Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, Engineering Business and Safety, GIS Applications Specialist, Instrumentation Engineering Technician, Mechanical Engineering Technician. For more information, visit:

Courses Pertaining to Mining at Lakehead University

  • Environmental Geography
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Water Resources Management
  • Mineralogy
  • Ore Petrology
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Field Mapping
  • Geological Case Studies
  • Geomorphology
  • Geomatics and GIS
  • Cartography
  • Resource Management and Sustainability
  • Rock Engineering
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental Control
  • Chemical Reactor Design
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water Supply and Waste Systems
  • Plant Design Economics
  • Geoenvironmental Engineering
  • Advanced Mineralogy
  • Advanced Ore Petrology


Courses Pertaining to Mining at Confederation

  • Geology/Mineralogy
  • Intro to Mining
  • Surveying
  • Mining Methods
  • Ground Control
  • Mining Economics
  • Environmental Principles
  • Mine Ventilation
  • Mineral Processing
  • Soils and Geomorphology
  • Tree and Shrub ID
  • Natural Resource Management
  • GIS
  • Ecology and Biology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Environmental Audits
  • Hydraulics
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Soils
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Remote Sensing
  • Surveying and CAD Mapping
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Trade Science
  • Welding, Heavy Equipment, Machine Shop, Electrical and all other Trades
  • Operations Management