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Geology and Mining Education and Outreach

Ontario Mining Association (OMA) Information

The Education and Outreach program of the OMA offers programming in support of "promoting, encouraging and supporting mining pathways".

The Association also provides a list of scholarships and mining related post-secondary education programs on our web site.

Mining Matters- Prospectors and Developers Association (PDAC)

Mining Matters works with teachers to increase the overall presence of quality Earth science education within in the classroom. By offering teacher workshops, in-service professional development opportunities are made available to teachers across the country.

Each September at the start of the school year Mining Matters provides a field trip subsidy to teachers who have completed an in-service workshop and use a Mining Matters resource kits in their classroom. The subsidies of up to $500 each help offset the cost of transportation and entrance fees to stone, sand and gravel, mining, and geoscience venues. Applications are considered on a first come first-served basis.

Field Trip Ideas


  • Scenic Caves: "Scenic Caves Nature Adventures"
  • Rockwood : Cliffs, Caves, And Potholes
    Rockwood Conservation Area, home to stunning limestone cliffs and a multitude of potholes, boasts one of the most extensive cave systems in Ontario.
  • Quarry Visits for School Groups
    Visiting a quarry with a class while studying rocks and minerals can be one of the highlights of teaching the Earth sciences unit.
  • Rockin' Mineral Shows
    There’s nothing like a Rock and Mineral show to inspire budding rock collectors or future geologists.      
  • ROM Renaissance
    If you’re able to go to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, it’s definitely worth the visit. The revitalized ROM helps convey the excitement of studying Earth science.    
  • Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion
    The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington has a curriculum-related program for Grade 4 students to explore rocks, minerals and erosion.
  • Sudbury's Dynamic Earth
    Since Science North first opened the doors to its Dynamic Earth geology and mining, this Sudbury, Ontario attraction has welcomed more than 170,000 visitors into the world of Earth sciences.
  • Concrete: Hard as Rock – or Not?
    Examine the physical and chemical weathering of limestone.
  • Crayon Rock Cycle Simulation
    Use crayons to simulate how rocks transform through geological processes.
  • Gelatin Volcano
    Use gelatin and coloured water to learn about magma movement and volcanic landforms.
  • Inuksuk Creative Writing
    Write instructions on how to build an Inuksuk.
  • Walnut Geodes
    Create tiny geodes by lining walnut shells with sparkling mineral crystals.
  • “Eggs” periments with Vinegar
    Observe chemical reactions as eggshells dissolve in vinegar and calcium acetate crystals grow.
  • The Escaping Escarpment
    Build an “escarpment” outside and observe its erosion due to the elements.
  • Cave Wonders
    “Create” a cave formation – including stalactites and stalagmites – over the course of several weeks.
  • Soap Carving
    Study soapstone carving and sculpt carvings from bars of soap.
  • The Stand ability Nutrient
    Observe how potassium helps plants stand up straight and take up water.
  • What’s in the Cereal You Eat?
    Learn about extracting valuable minerals from their host rock.
  • A Paste with a Taste
    Make toothpaste from the compounds calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.
  • Painting with Gypsum
    Use gypsum, in the form of chalk, to create gypsum paintings.
  • Create a Jewelry Brochure
    Create a jewelry brochure describing how diamonds get from the ground to jewelry stores.
  • Creating Quartz Crystal Clusters
    Create a three-dimensional model of a crystal cluster for the mineral quartz.
  • Design with Amethyst
    Examine a piece of amethyst and use it as a model to design a decorative amethyst piece.
  • Build a Mine
    Construct a model mine and show how ore can be extracted from the ground.
  • How Aggregates Get to You
    Learn about the aggregate industry and explore problems, concerns, and solutions.

Lesson Plan Web Sites

  • Earth Learning Idea
    The Earth learning idea team seeks to produce a teaching idea regularly, at minimal cost, with minimal resources, for teacher educators and teachers of Earth science through school-level geography or science, with an online discussion around every idea in order to develop a global support network. 
  • EdGEO
    Classroom-ready activities used in EdGEO workshops all over Canada.
  • - Teaching Earth Science
    Lesson plans, activities, projects, educational links, and more.
  • Minerals Education Coalition (MEC)
    Lessons and activities from the Mineral Education Coalition.
  • MineralsEd - Teacher Resources
    Information about mining in British Columbia.
  • Ontario Geoscience Resource Network
    Ontario field trip destinations, geological lesson plans and activities, key concepts and terms, and links to Earth science Web sites for Grades 1 through 12.
  • Scientists in School
    Scientists in School half-day workshops, where students become scientists in their classroom.
  • The Science Spot
    Links to Earth science lesson plans.
  • USGS - Schoolyard Geology  
    U.S. Geological Survey Schoolyard Geology site offers lesson plans and activities.