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Transportation Infrastructure

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP)

CP, through the ingenuity of its employees located across Canada and in the United States, remains committed to being the safest, most fluid railway in North America. The employees are the key to delivering innovative transportation solutions to CP customers and to ensuring the safe operation of the trains through the more than 1,100 communities where CP operates. Visit the Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) website for more information.


Canadian National Railway (CN)

CN has the North American market covered. When importing or exporting goods from North America, CN can help capitalize on market opportunities. Their unique rail network gives you access to 75% of the population in the U.S and Canada. What's more, CN’s numerous marketing agreements with the other railroads provides more flexibility and access. And with the dockside access to major ports in North America, goods can be shipped to and from Asia, Europe, and South America in record time. Visit the Canadian National Railway (CN) website for more information.

Thunder Bay Port Authority

The Port is located at the head of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System, a dynamic navigable waterway that stretches 3700 kilometres into the heart of the North American continent. Both the Port of Thunder Bay and the Seaway System operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the end of March through to late-December. However, in recent years, the season has been extended as weather permits. Thunder Bay has port facilities for handling all types of cargo and is served by Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways, as well as major Canadian trucking companies. Numerous berths mean quick and efficient turn-around time to the more than 400 ships that visit the port each year. Cargo such as grain, coal, potash, forest products, manufactured goods and dimensional cargo are shipped throughout the world via Thunder Bay's many port facilities. Visit the Thunder Bay Port Authority website for more information.

Thunder Bay International Airport

The Airport operates on a 24-hour, 7-day per week basis. The airport is located on the southwest reaches of the City of Thunder Bay, and is one of 26 National Airport System (NAS) airports in Canada.

The airfield features a significant general aviation component, with a number of on-site corporate, charter, maintenance, training and speciality aviation services companies. Some 100 fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts are based at the airport, although this number rises considerably during the busy summer season, especially in support of those forestry, mining and tourism interests who are based throughout the Northwestern Ontario hinterland. Visit the Thunder Bay International Airport website for more information, including airline companies servicing Thunder Bay and flight arrival and departure information.