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Mining, Manufacturing & Forestry

Resource industries are evolving and being encouraged to use more environmental and social approaches, and to deal with local communities, and others as legitimate stakeholders in resource development.

The forestry industry has been a major primary economic contributor since the 1870s. Major mills and related woodlands harvesting, reforestation, tending and transportation operations continue to be viable throughout Northwestern Ontario.

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in mining exploration. While still in the exploration phase, there have been some exciting mineral finds that could bring sustainable economic benefits to the region and the First Nations communities.

Bombardier Transportation produces transportation equipment for urban transit systems such as the Toronto Transit Commission and GO Transit. As well, the City has a skilled fabrication labour pool that is diversifying operations to accommodate increased economic activity in Western Canada.

Mineral exploration within the Thunder Bay District continues to be strong with many companies focusing on the search for gold, uranium, copper-nickel-PGM, as well as VMS copper-zinc deposits.

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Situated in the centre of North America and 32 miles from the Minnesota border, Thunder Bay is central to Canadian and U.S. markets. With low property and operating costs, a highly skilled labour force and proximity to major urban centres, Thunder Bay had much to offer the manufacturing sector.

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The wood products manufacturing industries includes businesses such as sawmills, veneer mills, and structural board and lumber plants producing construction materials and specialty wood products. Pulp and paper mills are the largest types of plants for converting timber fibre to forest products.

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