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Hardworking Websites

Hardworking Websites

Is your website doing its job? In an era of social media, digital advertising, and competitive search results, your website is not just a website - it’s the center of a diverse and active online ecosystem.

Hardworking Websites

Making sure that your website is doing its job to support all the digital aspects of your business is essential for success in today’s online environment.

Dan Hansen and Krista Hansen from Eleven-Seventeen will be delivering a workshop hosted by the Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre on Thursday, Sept. 28 that will show you how to get your website working for your small business.

Many elements are needed for a website to work as hard as it should.

Website Builders and Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system is the easiest way to create a website, publish new content to it, as well as update and maintain your website’s content without having to know how to write code. Even web designers, who have this skillset, use content management systems and only hardcode for specific projects and applications.

It isn’t very feasible for most small businesses to hire web designers for constant updates to their websites.

Dan Hansen, partner at Eleven-Seventeen, says, “Updates are critical – primarily for your customers to access current information about your business.”

Information such as your store/office hours, phone number and address, key personnel, and product offerings must always be accurate for your clients to use in their decisions to do business with you.

How current your website is will also affect how website users find you through search engines.

What you need to know: In this free workshop, Eleven-Seventeen will provide a review of the most popular content management systems – the associated pros and cons and how their features differ compared with the cost of each.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are techniques you can use to make your website appeal to search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is implementing specific techniques that contribute to a higher rank in the results produced by a search engine when performing a search with specific keywords.

Over half of all website traffic comes from search engines. Most of your website visitors will not arrive at your site directly by typing the domain into the browser. If your website is not ranked well by Google (whose share in the search engine market is 77%), your business’s website is not being seen by many of the very people who are looking for it.

What you need to know: Eleven-Seventeen will tell you about the guiding principles of SEO and explain which techniques work best for small businesses. Implementing these basic guiding principles will boost your website’s search ranks its online visibility.

Content Strategy

Your customers deserve a well branded experience when using your website. Content strategy is the way in which you organize and present content on your website, taking into account what you do, why you do it, what you want to communicate, who your audience is, what they want to know from you, and how they want to receive your message.

“Content strategy comes down to marrying two things: what you want to tell your audience and what they want you to tell them in the right way,” tells Dan.

What you need to know: At this session, you will learn how to use your website to communicate the offerings of your business in a way that accomplishes your goals.


The Federal government is currently working on accessibility legislation. There will soon be a set of web design standards in place to ensure that people with disabilities have the same access to online information as everyone else. Provincial and federal levels of government will be enforcing legislation pertaining to these standards and organizations who do not comply will be subject to fines.

What you need to know: Dan and Krista of Eleven-Seventeen will show you how to follow through on basic standards in web design that will make your website’s content accessible to all.

How Your Website Supports Social Media and Digital Advertising

Website content is shared on social media all the time – but did you know you can control how links to your website are displayed when shared on these platforms?

What you need to know: Eleven-Seventeen will introduce you to open graph – Facebook’s protocol used to load meta data (from your website) which determines what images and text appear on a post. Protocols for other social media platforms will also be discussed at this workshop.

When to Do it Yourself and When to Hire a Professional

Building, maintaining, and driving traffic to your website requires a specific skillset and a sufficient amount of time.

What you need to know: Find out what tools you need to build the right website for your business. Dan and Krista will outline the requirements for websites of varying capabilities and features to let you decide if and when to hire a third party. They will also recommend educational tools, resources and services that will help you learn as much as you want to know when it comes being your own webmaster.

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Eleven-Seventeen is a the collective work of Daniel Hansen and Krista Hansen. The company specializes in thoughtful and high-quality identity, print, and web design.

Join Krista and Dan along with the Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre for a FREE workshop Thursday, Sept. 28 from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm at the Mary J.L. Black Library (901 Edward St. S.). Register now!