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Timeless Shoe Repair Craftsman Receives Prestigious Award

Timeless Shoe Repair Craftsman Receives Prestigious Award

Martin Sugg, owner of Thunder Bay’s Timeless Shoe Repair, was recently recognized for his work in shoe repair by the Shoe Service Institute of America’s 2017 Silver Cup Contest where he was awarded the Silver Award; the equivalent of fourth place out of approximately 30 contestants from all over North America.

To enter the contest, Martin submitted two pairs of men’s shoes. One shoe from each pair was repaired, one with a full sole and heel and the other with a half sole and heel. The repaired shoes were then refinished to look new. The contest grades the shoes based on how close they are restored to the original. Details like stitching, sole quality, and leather restoration are judged by past Silver Cup winners.

The award is proudly displayed in Martin’s shop. “There is no formal training or apprenticeship for shoe repair. To have this award gives credibility to my work in this craft.”

Martin opened Timeless Shoe Repair in 2013. As the last shoe repair shop in Thunder Bay, Timeless Shoe Repair provides a much-needed service to people who invest in quality footwear. Shoe repair saves money and lengthens the life of your shoes, helping to avoid the painful process of breaking in a new pair. There are also environmental benefits: having your shoes repaired means less shoes will end up in a landfill and reduces other harmful effects associated with mass production and consumption.

Martin used the services of the Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre to access general start-up information and to help plan his grand opening. He was referred by Entrepreneur Centre staff to BDC where he was able to secure funding for starting his business.

The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) and Thunder Bay and District Entrepreneur Centre offers FREE and confidential services to help small businesses start up, expand, and succeed. Their one-to-one business counselling, comprehensive information, consulting, and referral service make them a great first stop if you are starting a business or even thinking of starting a business. The Entrepreneur Centre (EC) can assist you to write a business plan, secure funding, and access other available resources. Call (807) 625-3960 to book an appointment or visit

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