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News & Events Launched

Thunder Bay CEDC's new attraction tool, will be used to promote the City around the world. The marketing strategy consists of five pillars: Talent attraction, former resident attraction, specialized manufacturing, opportunity awareness, and business succession.

The CEDC began the project in 2015 after identifying the need to promote economic opportunity in Thunder Bay and attract new businesses and talent. Input was gathered from community partners including local employment agencies, business groups, both educational institutions, as well as other local business support organizations and partners in economic development.

Doug Murray, CEO of Thunder Bay CEDC states, “We recognize the need to grow our city and recruit new professionals to fill job vacancies, open and buy businesses, and start families. will be used to tell the world about the abundant opportunity our city can offer newcomers.”

An extensive media buy will support the web platform as well as promotional videos which were also debuted at the launch. Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to utilize the platform when recruiting or marketing abroad. Residents are also encouraged to visit and share it with their distant contacts and networks.

MoneySense Magazine Ranks Thunder Bay 4th Best City in Canada to Buy Real Estate

Guelph has topped the list as the city with the most attractive real estate for buyers in Canada, according to the 2017 MoneySense Where to Buy Now ranking. In doing so, it bumps Thunder Bay from the perch it had held for two consecutive years, knocking it down to fourth spot.

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HGTV Ranks Thunder Bay #1 Place to Buy a House in Canada

HGTV Ranks Thunder Bay #1 Place to Buy a House in Canada

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