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About Tbaytel

For over 110 years, Tbaytel has recognized the importance of evolution and innovation. Tbaytel has grown to become the largest independently owned telecommunications provider in Canada and offers and extensive suite of products and services that include Data, Voice, Wireless, Internet, Digital TV and Security.

Tbaytel can confidently position itself as having Northern Ontario’s largest 4G Network that extends over 300,000 area providing near continuous coverage along major highway corridors from just west of Sault Ste. Marie to the Manitoba border and north to Red Lake and Geraldton to the US border.

Tbaytel improves the lives of customers, communities, and regional stakeholders through advanced network capabilities and state-of-the-art telecommunications solutions. Tbaytel enhances the delivery of health care and education throughout the region and helps to advance the economic, business and research agendas of the North.

With over a century of contributing to the quality of life and infrastructure of the North, Tbaytel’s knowledge and understanding of regional markets is unparalleled. As the region’s leading telecommunications provider, Tbaytel is dedicated to delivering advanced, competitively priced telecom solutions that ensure people, businesses and communities of Northern Ontario have varied and reliable points of access to global digital communications.

Tbaytel Network Capabilities

The Tbaytel network supports all major telecom product lines within the serving territory of Thunder Bay and the surrounding municipalities of Shuniah, Neebing, Oliver Paipoonge, Conmee, O’Connor, South Gillies, Nolalu and the unorganized townships of Ware, Gorham, Fowler, and Jacques.  Tbaytel provides cellular, high speed internet and data services from Sault Ste. Marie to the Manitoba border.


Tbaytel’s two primary Class V Genband DMS-100 switches and Genband C20 soft switch, along with 54 distributed remote switches are capable of delivering all common residential and business voice telecommunications access services.   The voice switching network is optically connected as are the interconnections to Canada’s toll carriers for long distance voice and data access.  A comprehensive selection of plans that include voice mail, calling features, long distance plans, phones, special needs devices as well as Centrex services for business provide the choice to determine the appropriate voice access solution.

Transport and Data

Tbaytel’s extensive local fiber optic network not only interconnects its voice switching network but also provides connectivity for transport and data services.  Tbaytel’s fibre network also extends into the Northwestern Ontario region connecting the communities from Keewatin to Marathon as well as locally in Terrace Bay, Ft. Frances, Sioux Lookout, Geraldton, Atikokan, Marathon, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Vermillion Bay, Ignace, Nipigon, Longlac and Nakina.   Connectivity to the network from locations in commercial areas for higher capacity applications can be easily accommodated for most cases.  In areas without fiber connectivity, Tbaytel has deployed digital microwave to provide access to the core fibre facilities throughout the Region.

Data and transport services in either conventional TDM forms ranging in speeds from T-1 to OC-3 or via Tbaytel’s Layer 2 Ethernet based facilities from 1M to 10Gb by either copper or fibre access facilities. 

For connectivity outside of Thunder Bay and the region, Tbaytel has local links to the national toll carriers as well a diverse 10Gbgig links to 151 Front St. in Toronto, Ontario for further toll data connectivity options. 


Tbaytel core Internet gateway consists of dual high capacity, high availability routers connected to redundant internet feeds. The Internet core consists of multiple redundant switches and internet application servers which deliver services such as email, web access, web hosting, authentication and DNS.

Internet services can be provided to both residents and businesses through either wireline xDSL network facilities or by direct fiber connection.  Tbaytel has invested extensively in its core and access networks to provide increased data rate capability and enhanced reliability.  Extensive Fiber to the Node technology is deployed in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas and Fiber to the Home service is being provided in some neighbourhoods.

Tbaytel’s 4G HSPA+ network can also deliver high data speeds wirelessly through portable devices such as our Rocket Hubs or Aircards.


Tbaytel has an extensive 4G HSPA+ network extending from Sault Ste. Marie to the Manitoba border that provides the best coverage for wireless customers in Thunder Bay and the Region. Tbaytel’s strategic business relationship with Rogers provides our customers with access to a full suite of handsets, worldwide roaming and access to mobile content.   Tbaytel continues to invest heavily in the mobility network to ensure delivery of the best coverage and access to the latest technologies.

Tbaytel has highly competitive rate plans and the latest in cell phone technology to suit any customer need. Customers enjoy the benefit of Tbaytel’s Free Canadian Roaming and can call other Tbaytel Mobility subscribers from anywhere within the network for free.

Digital TV

Tbaytel delivers Digital TV video service in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas.  The service delivers whole home PVR, access to additional content through integrated applications and a comprehensive suite of high definition and standard definition channels and packages. 


Tbaytel is a leading provider of home security systems and monitoring; our goal is to help concerned families and create safer communities. Tbaytel’s trusted Security team provides state-of-the-art products in all major electronic security sectors: Intrusion, Fire, Video Cameras, and Access Control. We are partnered with First Alert Professionals to provide the best home and business security alarm systems to fit any need or budget.

Enterprise Solutions

Tbaytel supports the business community through its Enterprise Solutions team.
From large size corporations to home business start-ups, Tbaytel can provide the technology and support that will help a business owner surpass their goals.

Tbaytel responds to your business needs with a detailed plan that starts with a technical and building consultation. Our consultants will create an exclusive solution plan designed to fit your communication, construction and budget requirements that includes everything from business phone systems, Centrex and mobile communications. 

We’ll also provide training to demonstrate the use and capabilities of the new telecommunications equipment in addition to providing training guides, manuals and capable Tbaytel customer service representatives to address any questions.

Tbaytel offers IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Tbaytel will keep systems running and data safe with unparalleled service and expertise tailored to suit any business and its specific needs. The service is supported by a live 24/7 help desk, disaster recovery crew, video conferencing, hosted email and collaboration services.


Tbaytel is committed to providing the telecommunications solutions required for businesses to compete and thrive as well the solutions required to keep you connected and entertained.  We are an integral part of this community and the entire Northwestern Ontario region and can only succeed when our customers succeed.  We look forward to working with you to make your business here in Thunder Bay a success. 

For more information, please contact Tbaytel at:
1046 Lithium Drive
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 6G3

Visit the TBayTel website for more information.