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Strategic Action Plan


The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) unveiled its new Strategic Plan on October 16, 2014. Titled Transitioning to Growth, the new plan outlines the CEDC’s priorities for the next three years.

The plan is divided into seven themes:

● Entrepreneurship
● Business Retention and Expansion and Business Succession Planning
● Innovative Manufacturing
● Training and Educational Community
● Logistics and Supply Hub
● Social Enterprise, Information, Communications & Technology, Regional Food and Film
● Mining Readiness Strategy (MRS)

Short Version of the 2014-2017 CEDC Strategic Action Plan  Adobe PDF, 8 pages, 3.15 MB
Version courte du 2014-2017 Plan d'Action Strategique de la CEDC  Adobe PDF, 8pages, 3.15 MB

Long Version of the 2014-2017 CEDC Strategic Action Plan  Adobe PDF, 20 pages, 3.18 MB
Version longue du 2014-2017 Plan d'Action Strategique de la CEDC   Adobe PDF, 20 pages, 3.18 MB


We are living in a period of unprecedented change because of evolving global competitive trading relationships. The Strategic Plan must therefore possess the built-in flexibility to allow for the allocation of critical resources to focus on the development of new sectors of opportunity as they evolve over the next 24 months.

View the Strategic Action Plan online, or download the PDF below.

2010-2012 CEDC Strategic Action Plan PDF Document Icon Adobe PDF, 20 pages, 1.94 MB
Text Only - 2010-2012 Strategic Action PlanPDF Document Icon Adobe PDF, 20 pages, 244 KB

 Please contact our office if you require a hard copy of the 2008-2010 Strategic Action Plan.