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Amethyst Mine Panorama
The largest commercial amethyst operation in North America.

About 56 km east of the City of Thunder Bay, north on Hwy 17 on East Loon Lake Road is the Amethyst Mine Panorama.

The mine was opened in 1962 and has produced amethyst continually with a current 85 year reserve supply. The mine is situated on the east shore of Lake Elbow, collectively comprises 28 various contiguous parcels of land (40 acres each) and was discovered over fifty-five years ago when a forest fire look-out tower was built.

The Amethyst Mine Panorama offers informative tours as well as a number of interpretive features which include self-guided interpretive displays, a scenic board walk along the quarry, an observation platform, geological displays, and pre-1940 mining equipment.

The mine is open from May to mid-October, offering thousands of tourists a unique adventure picking their own amethyst in a spacious digging area, or purchasing gifts and souvenirs including beads and jewelry, carvings, gemstones and natural stones from the on-site gift shop, or from the company-owned Amethyst Gift Centre located in Thunder Bay. Having owned and operated the business for the past 34 years, modest revenues have been generated largely from “local” retail sales and from the operation of a “tourist attraction”, and the owner is now prepared to transfer ownership to a purchaser able and willing to fully capitalize on the unique opportunity, and expand the business beyond the local foothold, to areas that capture a maximized return on this semi-precious resource.

Assets include ownership of the mine and all improvements thereon comprising 80 acres in fee simple, all of the abutting mining claims under 21 year renewable grants (40 acres each), real property situated at 400 East Victoria Avenue in Thunder Bay, and all inventory, equipment and goodwill of the business.