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City Government

Private Donations

The City of Thunder Bay Archives holds a number of collections that have been donated by other organizations or private individuals. These are also accessible to the public under the same conditions as City of Thunder Bay records.

Collections include:

The City of Thunder Bay Archives uses four categories to describe how access may be granted to archival records:

(A) Fully Accessible
(A*) Records in question are generally available for public use, but some files may be restricted. Archives staff will perform a quick review upon request for access and may require you to file a formal request for some files or documents.
(RST) Records are restricted and require a formal request for access. Access to records may be denied based on restrictions in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. A research agreement may need to be signed prior to having access to these records.
(PIB) These records are a Personal Information Bank and may only be accessed by the person to whom the records relate, or that person's representative.
  Series without a classification code have not yet been designated, but are also be subject to Freedom of Information/Privacy legislation

Requests for records classified as Restricted may be redirected as formal requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In any case, requests for access will be processed as quickly as possible but cannot be done on the spot.

On most computers, you can search any of the finding aid PDF documents once opened by pressing CTRL-F or selecting "Find."


Records of former mayors and councillors:


Series 206



Series 207


Series 208

Series 209 (RST) 
Series 233 (A) 

Series 287


Series 356

Series 405 (A) 
Series 434 (A) 



Government of Ontario:

Series 276


Series 277


Series 278


Series 279 (A)
Series 280 (A)

Series 281

Series 282 (A)
Series 283 (A)
Series 284 (A)
Series 285 (A)
Series 293 (A)


Individual Donations:

Series 249 (A)
Series 250 (A)
Series 329 (A)

Series 336


Series 438  (A) 
Series 461 (A) 
Series 477  (A) 


Jeux Canada Games 1981:

Fonds Description  Adobe PDF, 5 pages, 19 KB


Series 417


Series 418


Series 419 (A*)
Series 420 (A)
Series 421 (A)
Series 422 (A)
Series 423 (A)
Series 424 (PIB)
Series 425 (A)
Series 426 (A)
Series 427 (A)
Series 429 (A)


1995 nordic World Games Committee:

Series 390


Series 391


Series 392


Series 393 (A)
Series 394 (A)
Series 395 (A)
Series 396 (A)
Series 397 (A)
Series 398 (A)
Series 399 (A)
Series 400 (A)


Forest Capital Development Association:

Series 366


Series 367


Series 368 


Series 369 (A)
Series 370 (A)
Series 371 (A)
Series 372 (A)
Series 373 (A)
Series 374 (A)
Series 375 (A)
Series 376 (A)
Series 377 (A)
Series 378 (A)
Series 379 (A)
Series 380 (A)
Series 381 (A)
Series 382 (A)
Series 383 (A)


Other Organizations:

Series 262


Series 237


Series 364


Series 365 (A)
Series 472  (A*) 


File titles and descriptions are listed as they appear in the original records and have not been edited. These file listings may therefore contain variant spellings, inaccuracies, or terms which are now considered offensive. They have been left in this original format for historical authenticity.