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City Government

Advertising Presentation Package

These images are to be used in conjunction with the Advertising During the War lesson plan and activities. Copies should be printed so that students may individually consult the documents. The images can also be used in presentations.

The material here can be found in the City of Thunder Bay Archives.


Document 1: Poster for Pyrex Glass

Pyrex glass was a new innovation developed by Corning Glassware in 1915. This poster promotes it for use in cooking and baking.

 Pyrex Glass


Document 2: Hughes Electric Ranges Poster

Electric stoves were a novelty at this time -- though they had been developed in the 1890s, safety and the cost of electricity prevented widespread adoption until much later. At the time of this poster, most people would not have had an electric stove in their home.

Hughes Electric RangesHughes Electric Ranges 


Document 3: Simplex Electric Ranges Brochure

Another advertising piece for electric ranges. Consider how the differences among the various companies in how they advertise their products.

Simplex Electric Ranges Simplex Electric Ranges

Simplex Electric Ranges Simplex Electric Ranges


Document 4: Moffat Stove Company Brochure

Like the previous two, a brochure advertising new electric stoves and ranges.

Moffat Stove Company

Moffat Stove Company

Moffat Stove Company

Moffat Stove Company