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City Government

Patriotic Fairs Presentation Package

These images are to be used in conjunction with the Patriotic Fairs lesson plans. They can be printed or used in presentations.

The correspondence included here was directed to the City Clerk of Fort William, Alex McNaughton, and can be found in Series 4 in the archives.


Samples of tags, to be sold at patriotic fairs:


Tags sold at the Patriotic Fair


"Some Facts about British Red Cross Work"
Undated, 1916 or 1917. 

 Some Facts about British Red Cross Work


Cover and pages from a booklet on the British Sailors' Relief Fund, Canada
No date

 Booklet cover: The People of Canada Grateful


British Sailors' Relief Fund, Canada 

Booklet interior


Letter of appeal, "Our Day" appeal, October 21, 1915
Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario Sir John Strathearn Hendrie
October 6, 1915 

 Our Day, October 21, 1915


Three-page letter regarding "Our Day" appeal, October 21, 1915, with suggestions for how to organize and run the event
Secretary Albert H. Abbot
October 7, 1915 


Our Day, October 21, 1915, For Sailors and Soldiers 

 Our Day letter, page 2



 Our Day, page 3


Letter accompanying a certified cheque, directing the funds ($2,909.34, or approximately $55,500.00 in today's money) raised in the appeal, sent to Fort William City Clerk Alexander McNaughton by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Fort William British Red Cross
December 15, 1916

 British Sailors' Relief Fund


Letter regarding establishing a branch of the Navy League of Canada, sent by Honorary Secretary-Treasurer M.P. Fennell Jr.
September 12, 1917 

 Navy League of Canada


Two-page letter regarding the establishment of the Navy League of Canada and the upcoming "Nelson Day" appeal, sent by Honorary Secretary-Treasurer M.P. Fennell
September 15, 1917  

 Navy League of Canada

 Letter, page 2

Two-page letter regarding the 1917 "Our Day" appeal organized by the British Red Cross
September 28, 1917 

 British Red Cross Appeal - Our Day


Letter, page 2 


Sales letter promoting buttons, badges, and flags to be sold:
E.C. Vance & Company
September 29, 1917  

Letter advertising sample buttons and badges for patriotic fairs


Sales letter promoting buttons, badges, and flags to be sold:
T.P. Tansey
October, 1917

Tags, buttons, and flags


Sales letter promoting tags to be sold for Sailors' Week:
T.P. Tansey
August, 1918 

 Sailors' Week letter

Newspaper clipping regarding the British Sailors' Relief Fund

 Newspaper article: Sailors' Fund


Newspaper clipping regarding British Sailors' Relief Fund
Dated October 20, year not indicated



Newspaper clipping regarding Navy League of Canada

Toronto Daily News story


Toronto Daily News, continued