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Notice of a plebiscite to be held 3 December 1958 regarding amalgamation


A notice placed in the Port Arthur newspaper, announcing the upcoming plebiscite which was to deal with the question of amalgamation. This notice was published on November 21st, 1958.

The text reads:

City of Port Arthur

“Are you in favour of the amalgamation of 6he city of Port Arthur and the City of Fort William as one city?”

“Are you in favour of extending the right to vote at municipal elections for members of the council to all persons of the full age of twenty- one years who are British subjects and who have resided in the municipality for at least one year in accordance with The Municipal Franchise Extension Act, 1958?”

TAKE NOTICE that the above are correct statements of two questions on which the votes of the electors of the City of Port Arthur will be taken at the same time and at the same places as the annual election for the Municipal Council for the year 1959, and further that the Head of the Council of the Corporation of the City of Port Arthur, or some member of the said Council appointed for that purpose, will attend at the Council Chambers in the Public Utilities Building, in the City of Port Arthur, on the 3rd day of December, 1958 at the hour of 12:00 o’clock noon for the purpose of appointing persons to attend at the polling places and at the final summing up of the votes by the Clerk.

Dated at Port Arthur, Ontario, the 14th day of November, 1958.

Arthur H. Evans,

N 14, 21, 28

TBA 2401