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Letter to the City Clerk of Port Arthur suggesting names for a unified city, dated 1910


A letter to the City Clerk of Port Arthur, regarding possible names for the amalgamated city of Port Arthur and Fort William.

The text reads:

541 Fifteenth Street
Brandon, Manitoba

October 30, 1910

The City Clerk
Port Arthur

Dear Sir,

Having read in the Winnipeg Free Press of names being suggested for the proposed united towns of Port Arthur and Fort William, it occurred to me that I might suggest the following choices as having at once euphonious (a desideratum in the naming of a great and important city) and synonymous with all that the proposed united city was, is, and will be -- one of the greatest cities of commerce and industry on the North American Continent. I submit four names of consideration, viz:

1) Port Edward (after our late Sovereign)

2) Williamsport (taking one word of each town, thus remembering the past and present)

3) Westport

4) Westgate (These two are and promise of all that the towns stand for, are euphonious, unforgettable, and ...

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