City of Thunder Bay Logo

Thunder Bay Crest

This newspaper clipping depicts and announces the new Crest for the City of Thunder Bay.

The text reads:

New Crest Arrives

City of Thunder Bay today received its official crest and city badge from the College of Arms in London, England. The crest combines features of the crests of former Port Arthur and Fort William. From Port Arthur are the moose and the fortress, for example. Featured in the badge, not shown here, is an heraldic thunderbolt, wings and pine cones. Predonimant colors in both official crest and badge are blue and gold. The crest now goes on city letterheads and vehicles, etc. while the badge will be for such occasions as representing the city on sports teams. Cost of the College of Heralds project was $1,000 approximately.

Clipping provided by the Thunder Bay Historical Museum.