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Letter of donation of cannons to the City from the McKellar brothers

The McKellar brothers wrote this letter in 1913 to authorize their donation to the City. A transcript of the letter reads:

"Fort William, June 30th, 1913.

To His Worship, Mayor Graham and Councillors of the City of Fort William, Dear Sirs:

We, the McKellar Brothers, have been instructed by Miss Annie McIntyre to present to the City of Fort William the two cannon that stood like 'Watch Dogs' in front of the Hudson's Bay Post on the Kaministikwia River since the days of the Fur Traders troubles and before the advent of Railroads or Steamboats into Canada, with the understanding that they will be properly preserved for the benefit of the City.

These valuable relics passed to Miss McIntyre from her father, Mr. John McIntyre commonly known as "Governor McIntyre", who was last in charge of the old Hudson's Bay Post of the Kaministikwia River, and to whom the cannon were presented by the Company. Mr. McIntyre had them removed and placed in front of his new home as sentinals until he died.

When the Home was broken up in 1906 Miss McIntyre placed them in our charge until she would want them. She has decided that this City shall retain them in perpetuity as a valuable momento of the great Fur Traders in Fort William.

Yours Faithfully,

Peter McKellar

Donald McKellar"

City of Thunder Bay Archives Series Number: 198
TBA 5751-15