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Newspaper clipping after town hall fire

An article in the "Daily Times-Journal", the day after the fire in 1903, explaining that plans for a new Town Hall were already in the works. The text reads:

"WORK STARTED ON NEW TOWN HALL, Council in Special Session Employs Architect Aylesworth to Prepare the Plans.

The council met in special session last night. There were present Councillors Ollis, Wilson, McKellar and Gray and Acting Mayor Cooper. The meeting was called to consider the rebuilding of the town hall and to devise the course to pursue for immediate work. The first and most important business was a resolution to employ Architect Aylesworth to prepare plans for a new town hall to cost from $10,000 to $50,000. Several sets of plans will be prepared. One will include town offices, fire hall, public hall, etc., all in one building; another will show a town hall on a lot entirely by itself. The matter was gone into thoroughly by the council, and the people can be assured that all possible care will be taken to build a hall that will be a credit to the community.

The offer of the Bell Telephone Company to supply free telephones for all town offices until the municipal system is repaired was held over for further consideration.

A telegram was received yesterday afternoon from the International Telephone Co., stating that a switch board and other apparatus will be shipped at once, and it is expected that all installation will be complete in 30 days. A building will be started at once for telephone use. This will be of solid brick and detached from all other municipal buildings.

This shows the progressiveness of the people of Fort William. Nothing can throw them off their feet. The burning of the town hall and the temporary inconvenience of the telephone system only spurs them on to greater exertion. A joint meeting of the town council and the board of trade will be called to consider the advisability of securing another site for the new town hall. The Times-Journal received the following telegram from Mayor Dyke this morning, dated at Hamilton:

'I extend deepest sympathy to citizens in loss of the town hall. While it is a great calamity, the town's progress will not be held back. We will build bigger and better. Will be home Friday to help gather up the tangled ends and start afresh."

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