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It's Your Life!

This brochure was produced in 1963 by the Canadian Government, to prepare ordinary citizens for the possibility of a nuclear attack on North America.


It's Your Life!

Interior spread of Its Your Life brochure


"If Canada should come under nuclear attack, Emergency Welfare Services would go into operation to meet the basic needs of people who could not provide for themselves.

However, your survival, that of your family, will depend largely on your own preparations. The time to plan for survival is now. This is true whether you live in a likely target area, or in other parts of Canada, which might become reception areas.

As a resident of an area likely to be attacked, you might want to evacuate to a safer place.

As a resident of an area actually attacked you might have to leave your home due to damage.

As a resident of any area, you might find it necessary to protect yourself from fallout for several days.

To meet such situations, these are some of the things that you can do now: "


It's Your Life brochure - lodging


You can:

  • If you live in a probable target area, arrange for emergency accommodation (with friends or relatives) 15 miles or more from the probable target area. If you have no such possible accommodation, you can decide upon a place that fits in with your community’s evacuation plan.
  • If you live outside a probable target area, plan how you would share your home with those who would need accommodation.

Wherever you live, you can:

  • Learn how to protect yourself and your family against fallout.
  • Get plans and instructions for home fallout shelters from your local or provincial coordinator for Civil Defence or Emergency Measures.



It's Your Life brochure - Clothing


"You can:

  • Keep a supply of warm, serviceable clothing and warm, strong waterproof footwear ready for emergency use. A plastic raincoat would provide protection from the weather and would make decontamination easier.
  • Set aside at least one blanket per person for use both during evacuation and at your reception destination.
  • Send, if possible, extra emergency clothing to the place you plan to go in an emergency." 



It's Your Life brochure - Feeding


"You can:

  • Build up an Emergency Food Pack – containing enough food and water for seven to fourteen days ready for use if you evacuate or remain in your shelter. (Ask your local or provincial coordinator for Civil Defence or Emergency Measures for the booklet Your Emergency Pack.

Persons in probable target areas should keep a 3-day Survival Kit of food at their place of work, in case they have to proceed directly to a place of safety."


Reunion of Separated Families:

Back cover of


"You can:

  • Choose a family meeting place now for emergency and make sure everyone in the family knows where it is.
  • Make sure that everyone in the family wears or carries some means of identification which shows name, address and family meeting place -- such as:
    • Clothing labels
    • Wallet card
    • Metal identification tag
    • Photograph on which any identifying body marks are noted. Copies should be sent to the family meeting place.

The plans you make today could mean survival for you and your family tomorrow.

It's up to you."