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This report was submitted shortly after the Emergency Measures Organization was involved in responding to a passenger train derailment near Red Rock.



First page of report on passenger train derailment, 1982


"Dear Mr. Fell:

The following is a report of my participation on behalf of the Thunder Bay Area EMO, in the derailment of the VIA passenger train on Sunday, 31 January 1982.

I received a call at 1135 at my residence from the C.P.R. dispatcher in Schreiber advising that the VIA passenger train, eastbound, had derailed at Sprucewood Siding, approximately 4 miles west of Red Rock with 6 to 8 cars off the rail. He advised the nearest open road was Everhard Road 1 1/2 miles east of the derailment. He requested I send medical personnel, ambulances and helicopters to the site. He advised that the ambulance service in Nipigon had been notified and they would be alerting the hospitals. He also gave me an emergency number of 824-2890 in the event 824-2316 was tied up.

At 1142, I contacted Thunder Bay Ambulance to ascertain whereabouts of helicopter ambulance. They were to check and call back but never did. At 1144, tried Nurses Registry but line was busy.

At 1145, I contacted Viking Helicopter to have them bring a helicopter to standby and that I would get back to them with further instructions.

At 1150 I contacted the C.P.R. dispatcher, Schreiber re Viking and they advised it was to proceed direct to the site to assist with the movement of casualties.

At 1155, I contacted Mr M. Stockwell, Regional Manager, Provincial Ambulance Services at his home to advise him of the de-railment and requesting whereabouts of his ambulance helicopter. He advised he would check and phone back.

At 1205 Mr Stockwell phoned back to advise the Ambulance Helicopter was on way to Hornepayne, returning a patient home. It was decided to drop the patient at the hospital in Terrace Bay and have the helicopter return to the derailment site. He also advised that two Ambulance Support Units, one from Thunder Bay and one Schreiber ..." 




Second page of report on passenger train derailment, 1982


"... were on their way. I advised him a Viking helicopter was standing by at Thunder Bay Airport so it was decided he would proceed to the site in the helicopter.

At 1210 I attempted to contact the Nurses Registry but the line was still busy. I assumed the ambulance service would alert the doctors and that doctors were available from Nipigon and Red Rock.

At 1214 I contacted Viking Helicopters to advise them Mr. Stockwell would meet them to take some medical supplies and on his arrival, the helicopter was to proceed to the derailment site.

At 1220 I phoned the C.P.R. dispatcher at Schreiber 824-2980 and passed information on helicopter ambulance, Viking helicopter, and ambulance support unts.

The dispatcher requested I phone O.P.P. Nipigon for them as they had been overlooked in the initial call.

At 1228, I contacted the Ontario Provincial Police, Nipigon and advised them of the derailment. The O.P.P. dispatcher advised that they had a car proceeding to closest point and that the Sprucewood Siding Road was not plowed and the Everhard Road was only plowed to the tracks. I suggested they have the Ministry of Transportation and Communication plow the Sprucewood Siding Road to enable ambulances to get as close to the site as possible.

At 1245, I contacted Mr. Fell with a complete situation report. At this time I was advised to contact Mr. Carl Sharp if we required any extra equipment.

At 1335 I contacted the C.P.R. Dispatcher for a situation report and he advised that casualties were in Nipigon Hospital with the serious casualties having flown to Thunder Bay. He advised that everything was under control and that they had plenty of equipment.

He thanked me for the assistance provided.

I informed him I would be available at my residence phone number if they required anything else.

At 1340 I considered my participation was no longer required, so proceeded with my normal Sunday routine.

I am most appreciative of the cooperation of everyone at Viking Helicopters and the Ambulance Service. Once again the benefits of pre-planning has been shown to be beneficial." 

TBA 5198-01