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This letter was written by a resident of Jumbo Gardens, praising the Port Arthur Fire Department for a job well done outside of the boundaries the Department was required to work. Praise for the Department was deserved and common, often finding its way into the newspapers. This letter to the Department is one example of the gratitude that the City of Port Arthur, and those outside of it, had for their Fire Department.

PAFD Thank You Letter

"Jumbo Gardens P.O.,

Port Arthur, Ont.

Chief Arril and Firemen:

I just wish to express the thoughts that I have for the Port Arthur Fire Department.

They answered a call on Wednesday night on Regina Avenue and it was a wonderful thing to see those men rush in and take over, whereas we had to stand by and could do nothing. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a group of men like these to depend upon. I know the Fire Dept. is not supposed to go outside the City Limits and the other night they showed there was someone in authority who was very human and would not see a house burned to the ground and not lift a finger to help. The way the men tried so hard was wonderful to see.

That house might have been mine and I think Port Arthur people should be very proud of their Fire Department.

Sincerely, A Jumbo Gardens Resident"