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This 1933 photograph shows members of the Port Arthur Fire Department. What is particularly striking about this photo is that a great number of the men present would become Chiefs or Deputy Chiefs.


Left to Right, Front Row: R. Brown, J. Jamieson (captain), George Chastey (Assistant Chief), Alex Hope (Chief), A. McClelland (Senior Captain), J. Arril (Captain), and C. Richards.


Left to Right, Second Row: H. Campbell, N. McLean, H. Hatley (Department Electrician), G. Massau, G. Bingham, J. McNee, and S. Wilson.

Left to Right, Third Row: W. Pascoe, S. Wright, H. Trotter, J. Johnson (Department Mechanic), A. Tebbenham, F. Ligate, and E. Irvine.

Left to Right, Fourth Row: W. Arril, A. Ligate, W. Wigmore, W. McLeod, J. Simpson, V. Thorne, and T. Gove. One member, George Wigmore, was absent when this photo was taken. (Info by E.J. Gilbert)

City of Thunder Bay Archives Series Number: 1992-01#18
Accession Number: 129