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This photograph depicts four Fire Department vehicles from Port Arthur outside the Central Station.

From left to right:


1) The 1919 American LaFrance ladder truck, which boasted a 60 foot extension ladder. The equipment on this truck also included 3 rope and pulley extensions of varying sizes, multiple single and roof ladders, a single side ladder and an inside extension ladder. Also contained in the truck were tools and equipment such as door openers, roof cutters and fire extinguishers.


2) The 1913 Seagrave hose truck (2.5 inches) and 1 inch chemical tank. This was possibly the first motorized vehicle that the Department was able to purchase.


3) The 1920 Reo 4-Cylinder Hose Truck and Chemical Tank


4) 1915 Regal Car

City of Thunder Bay Archives Series Number: 129
Accession Number: 1992-01#23