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This plaque was created by the Port Arthur Fire Department to honour the members of the Department who had passed away, both on the job and after retirement. The plaque was located in the Central Fire Hall, and was placed there in September of 1959, with additional names added later. The plaque was created the same year that three members tragically died in an airplane crash.

The plaque reads as follows:

"In loving memory of departed members of the Port Arthur Fire Department.
R. McLeod, Chief, 1932
J. McNee 1936
A. Hansen 1938
J. Morgan 1942
H. Campbell 1942
G. Masseau 1943
A. Tebbenham 1943
E. Irvine, RTD, 1943
G. Chastey, Chief, 1948
C. Richards 1952
V. Thorne, Asst. Chief, 1955
G. Wigmore, RTD, 1955
A. Ligate 1958
H. Jensen 1959
F. Small 1959
N. Dyok 1959
W. Wigmore 1959
W. Tilson, On Duty, 1960
H. Hatley, Ret’d, 1960
S. Wright 1960
W. Arril, On Duty, 1960
F. Ligate, Ret’d Chief, 1962
Neil NcLean, Ret’d, 1963
Alex Hope, Ret’d Chief, 1965
Jess Simpson, Ret’d, 1966"

City of Thunder Bay Archives Series Number: 129
Accession Number: 1992-01#80