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City Government


Maps of Fort William, Port Arthur, and Thunder Bay at various times in those cities' history are available at the Archives. A selection of historic maps are scanned and can be viewed on this site. For higher resolution images, please contact or visit the Archives.

Note: The images will open at a large size.  

Map of Fort William, 1913 

Map of Fort William, 1913
Approximately 7 MB 

Map of Port Arthur, 1942

Map of Port Arthur, 1942
Approximately 14 MB 

Link to Animation of Development over Time

Animation of Development, Thunder Bay, 1875-2010
Approximately 2 MB

1969 Aerial Photographs Index Map thumbnail Index Maps to Aerial Photographs, 1949-2002 
1961 Fort William Fire Insurance Index Map thumbnail Index Maps to Fire Insurance Plans, 1919-1961