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Albert Allin Park

“In the years since the dedication of the park, it has remained an attractive and restful beauty spot which has been enjoyed particularly by the neighbours who live on its borders."
-Marlene Stirett, "Dr. Albert Allin Park." June 1983.


Where: Fort William, off Edward Street Size: Approximately 1.2 acres
Created: Designated parkland in 1955, dedicated in 1975
Major Features:
  • Paved pathways
  • Picnic areas
  • Wooden benches
  • Open area for passive games
Land Acquired:

The land was acquired primarily through donations and tax sales. Donors of land include Hilda Christiansen, Malvina and Charles Bahrynowski, and John and Anna Patridge.

Land Usage: Neighbourhood Park, Parkette: Passive Recreation

Each image in the slideshow is a link to original records and more information.

Historical Highlights:

  • The City of Fort William acquired from multiple sources: 
    • December 7, 1939: Fort William acquired the south half of Lot 6
    • November 22, 1945: Charles and Malvina Bahrynowski made a donation
    • November 1, 1954: Hilda Christiansen donated part of Lot 5
    • March 2, 1955: under the Veteran's Land Act, the south half and northwest quarter of Lot 5 were acquired
    • John and Anna Patridge donated the northeast quarter of Lot 6
    • Under the Veteran's Land Act, the northwest quarter of Lot 6 was acquired
  • In 1955, Fort William designated the land to be developed as parkland.
  • However, in 1957, the Secretary of the Department of Transport halted the land development and informed the City of Fort William that the land was subject to Lakehead Airport Zoning Regulations. These regulations were updated in 1965, and park development was finally able to take place.
  • Preliminary plan for "Passive Park" in 1971, by Man, Taylor, and Muret Limited, etc. The plan included ideas to use the elevation changes for the benefit of the park, to install benches for resting, and to landscape small green areas for picnicking. 
  • In 1973, Hacquoil Construction Limited finished landscaping, installing trees, and paving walkways.
  • In 1975, the City of Thunder Bay formally renamed "Albert Allin Park." Dr. Albert E. Allin was a prominent citizen and a provincial pathologist, who was also established internationally as a wildlife authority.


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