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Title: [Notes on Current River Park, Boulevard Lake Park, Strathcona Park, and Trowbridge Falls, Centennial Park between 1880-1944]
Date: [198-]
Creators: [Marlene Stirett?]
Description: The chronology shows the evolution of four different parks, in comparison to one another.
Series: 156, Thunder Bay Central Files
Location: TBA 5248-04

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Correspondence listing Chronology - Page 2

Title: Boulevard Lake Facts Re: Letter to Saul Laskin
Date: June 14, 1972
Creators: A.A. Salo, Parks Technician 
Description: The letter to the Oakville Chamber of Commerce provides a brief chronology, lists available features, and references technical drawings related to Boulevard Lake Park. 
Series: 156, Thunder Bay Central Files
Location: TBA 5248-08