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Chippewa Park Aerial 1955

Image Title: TB 1955 L11-89
Image Title: TB 1955 L12-110
Image Title: TB 1955 L12-112
Creator: Photo Survey Corporation
Date: 1955

Chippewa Park Aerial 1974

Image Title: TB 1974 L4-181
Creator: Northway Survey Corporation Limited 
Date: 1974

Chippewa Park Aerial 1987

Image Title: TB 1987 L-13-40-N
Creator: Unknown
Date: 1987

Chippewa Park Aerial 1996

Image Title: TB 1996 L9-66 
Creator: Air Surveys Limited
Date: 1996

These are four aerial photographs of the Chippewa Park area. Noteworthy features are: the destruction of the pavilion in the bay ca.1954, the development of the zoo in 1975, and the evolution of the camping area between 1955 and 1996.