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Port Arthur Bylaw 203


PA Bylaw 203 - Page 2


PA Bylaw 203 - Page 3

Town of Porft Arthur - By-Law Number 203 adopting the Public Park Act
Date: 1888
Creators: Town of Port Arthur
Description: The Town of Port Arthur adopts the "Public Park Act." With the implementation of this By-Law, Port Arthur created the first Board of Parks Management in all of Ontario.
Series: 19, Port Arthur By-Laws
Location: TBA 0102-03 


FW Bylaw 735


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FW Bylaw 735 - Page 3

 City of Fort William - By-Law Number 735 - A By-Law to adopt the Public Parks Act
Date: January 11, 1910
Creators: City of Fort William
Description: With this By-Law, the City of Fort William adopted the Public Parks Act and established a Parks Board.
Series: 3, Fort William By-Laws
Location: TBA 0147-001