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Parks Development Quiz

Did you know that as of January 1, 2000, Thunder Bay had 101 parklands looked after by the Parks and Recreation Department? These parks vary in size and use, from parkettes to neighbourhood parks, and from playfield sites to regional parks.

Test your knowledge of Thunder Bay's parks with this multiple-choice quiz that features 15 images of parks from around Thunder Bay. Can you name the location of each park?

Click on the photograph for the answer!


Mystery Image 1
a) Chippewa Park b) Alma Adair Park
c) Centennial Park d) Paterson Park

Mystery Park 2
a) Pringle Park b) Alexandra Park
c) Trowbridge Park d) Chippewa Park

Mystery Park 3
a) Renfrew Park b) Hillcrest Park
c) Regent Park d) Gresley Court Park

Mystery Park 4
a) Balsam Pit Park b) McGillivary Square
c) Chapples Park d) Maplewood Park

Mystery Park 5
a) Inglewood Park b) Paterson Park
c) Kusznier Memorial Park d) Minnesota Park

Mystery Park 6
a) Stanley Park b) Grandview Park
c) Birch Point Park d) Riverview Park

Mystery Park 7
a) Mission Island Park b) Fraserdale Park
c) Centennial Park d) Chippewa Park

Mystery Park 8
a) Current River Park b) Prince Arthur Boulevard Park
c) Junot/McComber Park d) Greenacres Park

Mystery Park 9
a) Third and High Park b) Tarbutt Park
c) West Thunder Park d) International Friendship Gardens Park

Mystery Park 10
a) Connaught Square Park b) Wilson Park
c) Heath Park d) Hogarth Park

Mystery Park 11
a) Carrick Park b) Sunken Gardens Park
c) Waverley Park d) Scotland Park

Mystery Park 12B
a) Whitegates Park b) Cumberland Park
c) Northern Avenue Park d) Albert Allin Park

Mystery Park 13B
a) Ashwood Park b) Central Park
c) City Hall Park d) Marina Park

Mystery Park 14
a) George Burke Park b) Academy Heights Park
c) Uke Field Park d) Birch Bay Park

Mystery Park 15
a) Farrand Park b) Alpine Park
c) Home Park d) Vickers Park

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