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Waverley Park Lookout Photograph

Title: Waverley Park Area and Waverley Park Towers
Date: 1993
Creator: [Unknown]
Description: This aerial photograph shows the western section of Waverley Park and Waverley Towers. It is a part of a larger set of aerial photographs of the city.
Series: 433, Facilities and Equipment - Division Files
Accession: TBA 2012-27-132
Location: P040

Waverley Park - Lookout Construction

Waverley Park - Lookout Construction Page 2

Waverley Park - Lookout Construction Page 3

Title: Specification for a Look-out Shelter in Waverley Park, Port Arthur 
Date: March 6, 1911
Extent: 3/5 pages
Creator: Port Arthur Parks Board and John Maunder
Description: These records comprise a contract - John Maunder agreed to construct the Look-out Shelter for the Town of Port Arthur, behind Port Arthur Collegiate at Waverley Park.
Series: 238, Port Arthur Miscellaneous Agreements and Contracts
Location: TBA 6117-70