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Front cover of the Canada Jamboree '97 program booklet

Cover of the Program Booklet for Scouts Canada Jamboree 1997. This 58-page booklet contained information on all planned events for participants to choose from.

 A Word from the Camp Chief, from the CJ'97 Program Booklet

A Word from the Camp Chief:

As your Camp Chief I look forward to welcoming you to CJ'97, the IX Canadian Jamboree at Thunder Bay Ontario.  

You will join as many as 12,500 other participants and nearly 2,000 Staff members who have come together to enjoy and celebrate Scouting. On the 90th Anniversary of our Movement's founding by Lord Baden Powell, we have much to celebrate and share with each other and with those from abroad who will be joining us at CJ'97.

Superior By Nature is an excellent motto for this great event by the lake that was, and is, central to the crossroads of this wonderful Country of ours. To enjoy the Country and the Jamboree, we must be cognizant of others with whom we share this land and this event. Reach out and get to know each other. Share a meal, a song, a hike, a swim, a game, ... but whatever you choose ... just do it!!

Our time together will go by very quickly as the Program "Kicks In" and events unfold. To get the most out of this experience, read this manual carefully and follow the few rules and the many helpful hints. This will make for a less stressful and much happier time for all and will ensure we all get the most from our Jamboree.

I look forward to meeting you at Boulevard Lake and to sharing this Unique Scouting Adventure.

Get ready ... and ... be prepared ... to ... have fun!!

Herb Pitts,
Camp Chief

Program Director's Welcome, from the CJ'97 Program Booklet

Program Director's Welcome

Glad you are joining our program -- it's "Superior By Nature"
It looks like you are really going to do it! You made the decision to attend CJ'97 the 9th Canadian Jamboree in Thunder Bay, Ontario and now you are ready to make your next decisions. None of these decisions are easy but I think you will have fun as you go through this Jamboree Program Book with other members of your Patrol or Company and decide on just what you are going to do at the jamboree. I know you will find that the region "North of Superior" will be the setting for you to have fun and meet your challenges. I will also bet that on a few occasions the other Scouts in your subcamp will be awestruck as they see you returning from a great activity with your whole unit grossed out in dirt!!

Your Program Schedule
Your jamboree program will consist of eleven (11) program periods. You will be booked into nine (9) program periods, with one period being scheduled as unit directed (free time) and a second scheduling your unit into the Thunder Dome. For most units the first program period will be Sunday afternoon but units travelling off site will be underway Sunday morning. Units will be finished their program by the Closing Ceremony on Friday night.

Unscheduled Activities
We hope that your time at the jamboree will be spent doing fun things. Some of these things will be program but some may be activities that include other people you know at the jamboree, new friends you meet and perhaps just some things on your own. You will find several places at the jamboree where there are things to do or displays to see that are unscheduled.

The Thunder Dome
I don't have to tell you to look for it. You won't be able to miss it! The Thunder Dome is the heartbeat of the jamboree. Located on the west side of Boulevard Lake follow your ears and your eyes to the action at CJ'97. The Thunder Dome is the place to swap badges, participate in environmental games, pig-out on fast food, test your Scouting knowledge, purchase souvenirs, swim, make leather crafts, get autographs from sports stars and much more. There will be opportunities for you to have fun with Scouts from across Canada and from many other countries.

You can make it happen!
Although CJ'97 is still a long way away, the opportunities for fun and challenge are "Superior by Nature." You can ensure your participation in this fun by working with your unit today to decide on your program for CJ. The sooner you make your decisions, the sooner you can send it in. The sooner it is received the more likely it is that you will get the program you would like. I personally guarantee that no matter what, your CJ'97 Program will be wicked!

Environmental Focus
Dedicated as we are to the principles of Scouting, the CJ'97 Program has been designed to be wise in the use of our resources, and environmentally friendly. You will find part of many of your program activities will involve dealing with an environmental challenge. The design of the whole program has used several of the recommendations from the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. We are proud and excited to be taking an active role in making this jamboree an environmentally wise experience.

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