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This photograph was taken of the City Council and Executive just before the opening ceremonies of the 1966 City Hall. The photo appeared in the Daily Times-Journal on May 26th, 1966 (one day before the ceremonies.) The men are seated in the new Council Chamber, where business ran as usual for months before the official opening.

From the top, clockwise: Mayor E.H. Reed, City Clerk D. Morris, T.H. Carroll, M. Hennessy, H.J. Cook, H. Lockwood, W.A. Nealin, L.M. Baarts, Personnel Supervisor R.W. Wilson, Planning and Development Officer W.D. Thompson, City Treasurer S. Splawski, City Solicitor R.B. Andrews, R.J. McCranor, M. Chicorli, A. Anderson, J.H. Jessiman, R.H. Knight, W.M. Assef.