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These letters were found in the podium stand, regarding the royal visits of 1939 and 1973. The first letter reads:



"This stand was built in May 1939 to hold the visitors book of the City of Fort William Ontario Canada. Made by Mr. Charlie Mack for the occasion of the visit of their Royal Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on May 23rd- 1939. Built by the order of the Engineering Staff of the City of Fort William in they City Hall from scrap furnishings of the City hall. Members of the Engineering Staff at the time of the event as follows:


  • City Engineer- Mr. C.B. Symes
  • Assistant City Engineer Mr. H.M. Woodhouse
  • Works Superintendent- Mr. H.J. Paddington
  • Building Inspector- Mr. W.E. Mclennan
  • Inspector- Mr. A. Coombes
  • Instrument Man- Mr. C. Robinson
  • Stenographer- Miss. A. O'Farrell
  • Chain Man- Mr. J. Lightfoote
  • Helper- Mr. A. Wilson
  • Mayor- Mr. C.M. Ross
  • City Clerk- Mr. A. McNaughton
  • Timekeeper- Mr. T. Dewar
  • Assistant Timekeeper- Mr. A. Boughton
  • Waterworks Superintendent- r. C. Halonen

Typed this 9th Day of May 1939 By. Mr. R. Johnson."

The second letter from 1973 reads:

"This stand was refinished by Wilfred Springgay for the occasion of the visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth on July 3, 1973."