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Waterfront Fast Fact #30 : Ingrid Koivukangas won a Public Art Competition with the concept of Diatom Whisper: Alchemy. The art piece, based on images of microscopic life, is made of cast and fused glass and was installed in June 2009.

Aerial Photographs of the Thunder Bay Waterfront

North area of the Waterfront - 1981

Aerial photographs are any photographs taken from airborne vehicles. They have many practical uses in areas such as map compilation, urban and rural planning, environmental impact assessment, property appraisal, construction progress documentation, outdoor recreation, research, and art. Aerial photographs can have an advantage over maps as they can be updated more frequently, are easier to create and reproduce, can be taken in remote locations, and clearly show development in an area over time.

Thunder Bay 1959 Year:     1959
Creator: Aero Surveys Limited
Thunder Bay 1969 Year:     1969
Creator: Department of Highways of Ontario
Thunder Bay 1969 Year:     1974
Creator: Northway Survey Corporation
Thunder Bay 1976 Year:     1976
Thunder Bay 1981 Year:     1981
Thunder Bay 1983 Year:     1983
Creator: Northway-Gestalt Corporation
Thunder Bay 1987 Year:     1987
Thunder Bay 1996 Year:     1996
Creator: Air Surveys Limited
Thunder Bay 2002 Year:     2002
Creator: Northway Photomap Incorporated
Thunder Bay 2007 Year:     2007
Creator: ATLIS Geomatics Incorporated

Interesting features to note:
  • the relocation of docks
  • the development of roads
  • the construction of buildings
  • the changing landscape of the Marina
  • additions to boating facilities 

The Thunder Bay Archives and Records Centre preserves and digitizes the aerial photographs of the Fort William, Port Arthur, and Thunder Bay areas, and often reproduces older photographs to assist research done by members of the public. The aerial photographs housed in the Archives date back to 1949.

The photos here depict the development of the North and South Waterfront from 1959 to 2007. Photographs from 2002 and 2007, including composite aerials, are shown thanks to the City of Thunder Bay Planning Division

For more information on this subject, or any other subject of interest, please visit or contact the City of Thunder Bay Archives.