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Waterfront Fast Fact #18: In its first two years of operation (1972-1974) the Thunder Bay Sailing Club trained over 400 people to sail. About half of them were 18 or younger.

The Original Decision: Proposed Marina / Hotel Development

North area of the Waterfront - 1981

On April 3, 1973, Astrotel Enterprises Limited made their first proposal to build a luxury hotel and develop the private sector of Thunder Bay's Waterfront. Soon afterwards, the City of Thunder Bay called for submissions of development proposals from all interested firms. On July 16, 1973, Astrotel Enterprises responded by submitting a complete proposal entitled "A Proposal to the City of Thunder Bay."

Astrotel Enterprises Limited remained in correspondence, attended meetings, and discussed the concept of a luxury hotel on the Waterfront for approximately a year. In July 1974, it was mutually agreed to relocate the proposed hotel's home away from the Waterfront. Negotiations pertaining to the Waterfront were discontinued.

These documents show the original development proposal for the hotel on the Waterfront. Given the largely industrial heritage of Thunder Bay's Waterfront, they also demonstrate an early interest by the City in committing to the development of a public park and marina.

Privatization Thumbnail 1  Posters: Advertisements for the development proposal
Privatization Thumbnail  Maps: Concepts of the Waterfront development
Privatization Thumbnail  Report: A proposal to the City of Thunder Bay

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