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City Government

Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee advises City Council on the protection of Thunder Bay’s built, natural, and cultural heritage. The Committee educates and promotes awareness of this heritage, so that future planning and development takes into consideration the rich history of these assets.

Members also recommend By-laws to establish processes for the conservation of heritage resources, monitoring, reviewing and taking protective actions on a property-by-property or area-wide basis and undertaking promotion programs to advise City Council and the public of the value of heritage resources.

The Committee is comprised of the following eleven members who shall be appointed by Resolution of Council.

  • Four (4) citizen appointees
  • One (1) Council appointee
  • One (1) Thunder Bay Law Association appointee
  • One (1) Thunder Bay Historical Museum appointee
  • One (1) appointee from the architectural or engineering community
  • One (1) appointee from the business community
  • One (1) student or young professional appointee
  • One (1) appointee from the aboriginal community

Citizen members of the Heritage Advisory Committee are appointed to staggered four (4) year terms.