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City Government

Development Services

Building Division:
Building, Plumbing, Pool, Fence Permits & Demolition

Licensing & Enforcement Division:
By-law Enforcement, Property Standards Complaints, Sign Permits, Business Licences

Planning Division:
Planning & Land Use, Zoning, Official Plan, Subdivision

Realty Services Division:
City Land Sales

Animal Services:
Lost Animals, Dog/Cat Licensing, Adoptions

Parking Authority:
Parking enforcement

Administrative Services:
Administrative duties

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

Superior North EMS


Contact  Location  Phone  Fax 
Mark Smith, General Manager  111 Syndicate Avenue S
Victoriaville Civic Centre 
625-2572  623-2206 
General Inquiries  Building Division  625-2574 623-9344 
Des Stolz, Manager Building Division 625-2573
Building Inspections        
      Thunder Bay North   625-2570  
      Thunder Bay South   625-3124  
      Large projects   625-2468  
Plumbing Inspections      
      Thunder Bay North    625-2280   
      Thunder Bay South    625-2868 
      Backflow Prevention   625-3430  
Licensing & Enforcement:      
General Inquiries  625-2710   625-2977  
James Coady, Manager 625-2644
Animal Services:       
General Inquiries &
Cat/Dog Licences
Animal Services Centre
882 Alloy Place 
684-2156  684-3247 
Pet Locator Line  (A recording of stray &
adoptive animals) 
General Inquiries  Planning Division  625-2216  623-2206 
Leslie McEachern, Manager    625-2833   
Mapping    625-2550   
Nora Mahoney, Consent to Sever
Committee of Adjustment  625-2538  623-2206
Assistant Secretary - Treasurer   625-2552   
Realty Services:       
General Inquiries  Realty Services  625-3199  625-2977 
Joel DePeuter, Manager    625-2545  
Parking Authority:       
General Inquiries Parking Authority 625-3491   
Jonathan Paske   625-3491  
Thunder Bay Fire Rescue:       
John Hay, Fire Chief Thunder Bay Fire Rescue 625-2101   
Superior North EMS:       
Wayne Gates, Chief of EMS Superior North Emergency Medical Services  625-3259  622-2698