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City Government

Bingo Requirements for non-pooling halls

  • The Bingo Application Form (availabe on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission website) must be complete, signed by two signing officers or executive of the organization.
  • All specifications of the application must be completed in full and all answers must be specific.  General terms for charitable or religious objects or purpose, such as "community betterment" or "service club charities" are not acceptable.
  • In addition to the bingo application the following must be attached:
  • The original licence must be displayed at the premises where the bingo is being conducted.
  • The City of Thunder Bay has capped the prize board for each bingo event at $3,000.00 per Municipal Code 686.
  • The licence fee is 3 percent of the prize board for each event. Cheques must be written from the organizations lottery trust account and made payable to The City of Thunder Bay.
  • The following must accompany the completed Bingo Final Report  (available on the AGCO website) 15 days after the bingo was held:
  • No funds may be transferred to an operating or general account.
  • The organization must record and account for all cash transactions including cards sold and prizes awarded.
  • All items as outlined within the Bingo Licence Terms and Conditions (available on the AGCO website) prepared by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

Visit the Bingo Forms web page for all required forms.