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City Government

Bingo Requirements for pooling halls

  • The Charitable Gaming Application (on the AGCO website) must be complete, signed by two principal officers of the organization.
  • In addition to the application a member organization must be completed and signed by two principal officer of the organization (the form can be obtained from the HCAA).
  • The application and form must than be submitted to the HCAA for delivery to the Lottery Licensing Office for processing.
  • The original licence from the municipality and the province must be displayed at the premise where the bingo is being conducted.
  • The licence fee is paid to the municipality monthly from the pooling proceeds.
  • The following must accompany the Charitable Gaming Report (on the AGCO website) 30 days after the end of the month in which the bingo(s) were held:
    • a copy of deposit slips of any proceeds deposited
    • a copy of monthly bank statements
    • receipts for out of pocket expenses
    • bingo sign in sheets from each event
    • control sheets
  • No funds may be transferred to an operating or general account.
  • The organization must record and account for all cash transactions including cards sold and prizes awarded.
  • All items as outlined within the Lottery Licence Terms and Conditions (on the AGCO website), Registrar Standards (on the AGCO website), and the Charitable Gaming events (on the AGCO website) conducted and managed in Class A and Class B Bingo Halls, and Class C pooling Halls in Bingo Halls prepared by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

Visit the Bingo Forms webpage for all required forms.