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Asset Management Division


The Asset Management Division’s primary goal is to safeguard municipal assets by practicing fiscal responsibility supported by appropriate due diligence and risk management to maximize benefits, reduce risk and provide satisfactory levels of service to operations and community users in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable manner.

This is achieved through the disciplined administration of an integrated business approach involving planning, finance, engineering and operations by effectively managing existing and new infrastructure and equipment.

The following are intrinsic components of the Asset Management Division’s strategic priorities:

  • Practices sustainable long-term capital planning;
  • Exercises leadership in environmental stewardship;
  • Incorporates energy management through energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy;
  • Promotes and supports a culture of continuous improvement and demonstrates leadership in new and emerging technologies;
  • Selects appropriately sized fleet;
  • Provides safe and secure buildings;
  • Enhances Civic pride; and
  • Strives for a Clean Green & Beautiful city

The core foundation of the Asset Management Division is comprised of four Sections, each of which is paramount to the success of the Division:


Additional Information
Learn more about the Corporate Asset Management Plan of City infrastructure.

Director:  Gerry Broere
Tel: (807) 684-3492
Fax: (807) 345-1909