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Water Meter Readings

Customers without an outside remote are responsible to submit water meter readings every three months between the 1st and the 21st. Water is billed quarterly. Every water bill you receive indicates the month that we require your next reading. Please look for this "IMPORTANT NOTICE" on your quarterly water bill.

How to Submit Your Reading

The City of Thunder Bay has a new service for entering your water meter readings. The system to submit water meter readings has also been updated to include the option of texting in your meter reading. If you currently use our web or phone-in options the following changes have been made:

  • You will now enter all digits seen on the meter - this includes all zeros and decimals.  You will no longer need to add extra zeros to the beginning of a reading or drop decimals at the end.
  • Water meter readings can only be submitted between the 1st and 21st of the month.

 How to Set up Reminders for Readings & Due Dates

The City of Thunder Bay is now offering a new service that reminds you by email, text, or telephone call that it is time to remit your water meter reading and of bill due dates. The service also provides downloadable and printable calendars which outline important dates for your water account.

The City can also notify you of public service announcements relating to your water service.

VISIT: to enter your reading and set up a reminder or call 625-3160 (24 hr. service) to enter your reading using your touch tone phone or call us at 625-2255 during regular business hours if you require assistance, or have a final reading due to a move.

Your water meter can be read automatically if you have a remote reading device installed by the City. Remote reading devices allow Water Meter Inspectors to read your meter every three months from outside your home (provided you keep the path clear to the reading device). Upon request, these devices can be installed by the City at the homeowner's expense. For further information on installing a remote device, please contact the Environment Division at (807) 474-4817.

Water meter readings ensure that water bills are based on actual consumption. When readings are not received, your consumption is estimated and you may be over or under billed. All bills are calculated using rates in effect at time of billing. If your water consumption is being estimated, any difference in consumption identified upon receiving a meter reading will be billed at current rates. Consistent, actual readings may also help you identify plumbing leaks sooner and save you money.

If your property will be vacant for an extended period, billing charges continue unless the meter is removed and water is turned off at the street. To request meter removal contact our office at (807) 625-2255.