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Lead Documents

The contract documents consist of Lead Documents, including Information to Tenderers, Form of Tender, Supplementary Conditions, and General Conditions followed by the Project Specifications.

Note to Consulting Engineers and Project Engineers:
Documents have been provided in Word format for your use. Open the document, save a copy to your computer, and fill it in as required. Any alteration or inserts to the City’s Sample Forms should be highlighted in the submission of any documents for review.

All files are up-to-date as per their indicated Revision Date*.

Addenda  *January 2010
Contract Cover Page *January 2012
Tenderer's Check List *February 2013
List of Contract Documents *January 2010
Information to Tenderers *February 2015
Tender Form  *January 2012
Agreement  *January 2010
Agreement to Bond *January 2016
Undertaking to Comply Contractor Safety *February 2015
Accessibility Disabilities Act  *January 2010
Form for Certificate of Insurance            *February 2014
Tendering Statements  *January 2010
Supplementary Conditions OPS     *February 2015