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City Government

Project Specifications

Note to Consulting Engineers and Project Engineers:

Documents have been provided in Word format for your use. Open the document, save a copy to your computer, and fill it in as required. Any alteration or inserts to the City’s Sample Forms should be highlighted in the submission of any documents for review.

All files are up-to-date as per their indicated Revision Date*.

General Requirements  *February 2018
Environmental Protection *January 2017
Roads Sidewalks and Appurtenances *January 2018
Hot-in-place Recycled Mix *January 2010
Excavation and Grading *January 2017
Landscaping             *January 2018
Fencing *January 2010
Concrete Barriers  *January 2010
Concrete Structures *January 2010
Steel Beam and Cable Guide Rail       *January 2010
Excavation and Backfill of Trenches *January 2017
Storm and Sanitary Sewers *January 2018
Watermains *January 2018
Cement Mortar Lining of Watermains *January 2010
Cathodic Protection for Watermains *January 2017
Storm and Sanitary Forcemains *January 2010
Installation of Pipelines by Tunnelling *January 2010
Traffic Control and Street Lighting  *January 2018