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City Government


What are Internal and Open Competitions?

Only current City of Thunder Bay employees can apply for Internal competitions.  Members of the general public as well as current City of Thunder Bay employees can apply for Open competitions.

Do you have a Job Information Line or website?

Yes, the number for the Human Resources Information Hotline is (807) 625-3458.  This provides a list of all open competition jobs along with their closing dates.  As well, the City jobs are posted on Both are updated every second Friday with the exception of temporary/relief posted positions which may be added to the Hotline at any time.

When are new jobs posted?

The City of Thunder Bay has seven (7) day postings that come out every second Friday, and three (3) day postings that come out intermittently, at any time, as needed. 

Where and when do I apply?

Apply online today at The City of Thunder Bay does not accept general applications or resumes and does not keep them on file.  All applications must be submitted on the deadline date which is specified on each posted position.  Late applications will not be considered.

can I create a profile without applying to a job?

Yes, you can create a profile before applying to any positions. Once your profile is created you will have a username and password that you can use to log back in to apply for jobs at any time. 


A general resume is a resume that can be used to apply for any position. You should start with a resume version that includes:

  • A strong general summary statement that highlights your top 3 - 4 core competencies
  • A skills section (if applicable) outlining additional areas where you excel
  • A professional experience section that gives a brief description of each of your roles with a couple of supporting bullets around your primary responsibilities and contributions, and
  • Any additional sections for your education, training, memberships, and affiliations, etc., that may be important to include.

To provide job specific information relevant to the position you are applying for utilize the job specific cover letter and additional details fields available on your profile.

After my application is submitted, when am I notified?

When a posted position closes, applications are forwarded to the City division where the job opening exists.  The division will review the applications and schedule interviews and/or testing.  Only applicants who are to be interviewed will be notified.  This process can take up to six weeks after the closing date.  The successful applicant will be notified that he or she has been selected for the position.