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Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader

Once at the Adobe Acrobat Reader download page, fill in the screen labelled "Step 1 of 2".  Here you must indicate the language, your computer's operating system and how you are connected to the internet (dialup is a slow modem connection, broadband is a high speed cable or dsl connection).

Adobe Install - Continue btn picOnce complete, "Step 2 of 2" will open.  The only option that you require a checkmark in is the "Download full version of Adobe Reader".  Once that is selected, you can scroll way down to the bottom of the page.  After you check the licence agreement, you can select the "Continue" button.  In small print, under the "Continue" button, is a link to older versions of Adobe Reader, if you are interested.

A new screen with a red "Download" button will appear.  Click on this button to continue with the download.

Adobe Install - Download btn pic

Once you click on the Download button, the system will ask if you wish to "Open" or "Save" the file.  Select the "Open" option.

A screen will now appear indicating that Adobe Reader is being downloaded.  When this is finished, another screen will appear indicating that Adobe Reader is being processed.

Following the processed screen, an Installer screen will appear.  Select the "Next" button on the following three screens.  This will accept the displayed defaults. 

Select "Install" on the "Ready to Install the Program" screen.  Adobe will install the program.  When the processed is complete, a screen will appear with a "Finish" button.  Select this button.

You have now successfully installed Adobe Acrobat Reader.