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City Government


Credit Rating

Standard & Poor’s Credit Rating Service has revised its outlook on the City of Thunder Bay to positive from stable on sustained robust liquidity and moderate debt. Each year, Standard and Poor's conducts an extensive review and issues the updated credit rating:

2016 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating - Summary   Adobe PDF, 8 pages, 270 KB
2015 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating - Summary Adobe PDF, 8 pages, 273 KB
2015 Standard & Poor's Full Report Adobe PDF, 11 pages, 284 KB
2014 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating  Adobe PDF, 8 pages, 285 KB
2013 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating   Adobe PDF, 5 pages, 271 KB
2012 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating
2011 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating
2010 Standard & Poor's Annual Credit Rating


Performance Report

Each year, the City reports on the Provincially mandated Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP), which consists of data collection and reporting of service performance measures in 12 municipal service areas.

2016 BMA Study

The City of Thunder Bay also participates in a municipal comparative study conducted by BMA Management Consulting Inc.

In 2016, 105 municipalities participated in the study which provides comparisons of financial information, select user fees, tax policies and rates, sewer and water services, and taxes as a percentage of income.

2015 BMA Municipal Study -  Adobe PDF, 540 page(s), 12.9 MB
2014 BMA Municipal Study - Part 1  Adobe PDF, 135 pages, 6.3 MB
2014 BMA Municipal Study - Part 2 Adobe PDF, 362 pages, 7 MB

The City participates in other benchmarking work including the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative, which brings municipalities together to share detailed information on best practices to bring down the cost and improve the quality of local of services. Visit the Ontario Benchmarking Initiative Website (OMBI) for more information and reports.