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City Government

User Fees And Charges


 2018 User Fees - Approval BL 29/2018
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City Manager's Office

Promotional Souvenirs, Death Registration, Birth Registration, Travel Letters relating to Birth Registration, Marriage Licence, Marriage Ceremony, Search of City Records, Assessment Information, Council Meeting Video DVDs, Agenda Subscriptions or Copies, Requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Certification of City Records, Voters List, Candidate's Guide, Official Election Results, Ward Maps, Nomination Filing Fee, Oath of Affidavit by Commissioner of Oaths. Lottery, Bazaar and Bingo Licences, Registration of Subdivisions/Condominiums, Registration of Site Plan Agreement, Legal Costs for Appeals to OMB, Aerial Photos, Fire Insurance Map CDs, Photocopies, Scanned Images and Use of Images.  

Community Services

Fort William Gardens, Satellite Arenas, Fort William Stadium, Port Arthur Stadium, Specialty & Wellness Programs, Fitness Programs, Summer Camps, Event Hosting Services, Summer Events, Summer Playgrounds, Neighbourhood Recreation Programs, Alternative Programs, Skating Programs, Facility Costs, Integration Services, Registered Programs, Churchill & Volunteer Pools, Canada Games Complex, Fitness and Aquatic Programs, Community Recreation Programs and Events, Community Profile, Business Directory, Miscellaneous Publications, Seminars, Co-op Marketing and Promotion, Municipal Child Care, Transit Fares, Transit Passes, Transit Photo Identification, Transit Charter Rate, Lift Plus No Show Fees, Lift Plus Late Cancellation Fees.           

Development and Emergency Services

Application for Permit, Building Permit, Partial Permit, Occupancy Permit, Minimum Fee Retained Upon Withdrawal or Revocation of Permit, Change of Use Permit, Renewal of Permit, Transfer of Permit, Plumbing Permit, Early Water Turn On, Demolition permit, Compliance Letter, Buildable Lot Letter, Additional Inspections,  After-Hours Inspections, Business Licence Application Inspections, Compile Information for Liquor Licence Application, Swimming Pool Enclosure Inspection, Swimming Pool Fence Permit, Publications, Mapping Products, City Street Map, Topographical Map, Zoning Map, City Limits Layer, Hydrography, Ward Boundaries, DEM, Application for Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-Law Amendment, Official Plan Schedules, Orthophotos, Air Photos, Digital Parcel Mapping, Easement Mapping, Application for Condominium, Condominium Exemption, Geographical Legal Fabric, Application for Consent to Sever Land, Major Modifications to Draft Plan or Condominium Approval, Minor Variance/Permission, Noise Notification, Miscellaneous Notification, Custom Planning Research, Custom Map Work, Custom GIS Analysis, Address Map, Postal Code File, Recirculation of Planning Application, Communications Towers Consultation, Registration of Agreements, Status Letter of Planning Agreements, Application for Subdivision of Land, Extension of Draft Plan Approval, Site Plan Control Agreements, Development Agreements, Minor Revisions Requiring Recirculation, Addendums or Amendments to Site Plan Control Agreements, Validation of Title, Application for Zoning By-law Amendment, Application for Removal of "H" Holding Symbol, Zoning Reports, Road Naming, Legal Costs, Peer Review Cost, Administration Fee, Annual Fee for Use of City-Owned Lanes, Annual Garden Plot Fee, Annual Fee - Licence of Occupation Agreement, Application Fee – License of Occupation Agreement and Easement Reduction/Partial Release of Easement, Security Deposit by Proponents, Initial Deposit from Applicant, Costs, Authorization for Temporary Land Use, Assignment for Leases and Licenses, Street and Lane Closing Application, Request for Information, Eating Establishment License, Hairstylist License, Lodging House License, Master Electrician License, Electrical Contractor License, Master Plumber License, Plumbing Contractor License, Examination Fee, Stationary Peddler License, Peddler License, Pet Shop License, Public Hall License, Refreshment Vehicle License, Special Events License, Trailer Park License, Duplicate License, Re-inspection fee, Request for Hearing by Committee, Late Licensing Fee, Sign Permit, Final Notice, Second Hand Dealers or Scrap Dealers, Administration Fee, Examination Fee, Signs, Dog Licence, Cat Registration, Pet Identification Tag, Kennel Licence, Hobby Breeders License, Adoption Fee, Euthanasia Fee, Quarantine Fee, Pound Fee, Miscellaneous Fee, Impound Fee, Veterinary Fee, Appeal for Restraint Order Fee, Metered Spaces, Monthly Parking and Resident permits.  Fire Services, Fire Reports, Compliance Letters, Requested Inspections, Burning Permits, Standby Requests, Response to Transportation of Dangerous Goods Incident, Violations, Fire Prevention Presentations, Life Safety Study Review, Responses to Outstanding Orders, Air Bottle Refills, Fire Responses, Auto Extrication, Auto or Truck Fires, Fires on or Beside the Railroad, False Alarm, Boarding up or Barricading of Premises, Administration Fee, Training Centre Rental Fees, TBFR Training Support Personnel, Face Fit Testing. Request for Ambulance Call Reports and First Response Team Call Reports, Rental of Ambulance and Services, Emergency First Responder Courses, First Aid Courses, CPR Courses, Baby Sitting Courses, Instructors, Basic Trauma Life Support Courses, Ministry of Health Core Training Programs, Patient Care Equipment Training, Health and Safety Programs, Training Room, Training Apparatus.

Corporate Services and Long Term Care

Copies of Budget Books, Tender Document Fee, Weigh Scale Fee, Stores Re-sale, Print Shop, N.S.F. Cheques, Municipal Sales Tax Act Administrative Fees, Late Payment Penalty - Water, Water Arrears Certificate, Information Statement, Interest on Outstanding General Accounts Receivable, Tax Certificate, Tax Statement of Information, Tax Property Ownership Changes, Tax Arrears Notices, Photocopies of Court documents or exhibits, transcripts of trials and proceedings, Jasper Tenant Fees. 

Infrastructure and Operations

Contract Document, Directional Signage for Churches, Maps & Drawings, Engineering Development Standards Documentation, Heavy/Oversize Load Permits, Loading Zone Permits, Sewer & Water Connection Charges, Street Closure Application Processing, Miscellaneous Sewer Charges, Sewer Rate, Landfill Site Dumping Charges, Landfill Site - Rate Structure, Excess Waste, Fire Protection Charges, Water Service, Use of Hydrant, Thawing Services,Testing of Water Meters, Water Meter Repairs, Water Charges, Chippewa Park, Trowbridge Falls, Conservatory, Centennial Park, Outdoor Rinks, Baseball Fields, Soccer Field Usage/Touch Football Field Usage, Tree Removal, Cemeteries, Prince Arthur's Landing Marina and Golf.