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To You, the youth of thunder bay 

Thunder Bay YouthThe City of Thunder Bay. and all its departments and divisions, affects our lives in many ways. From the buses we ride to work or school, the pools we swim in, or the street lights that guide our way home, the Corporation maintains the efficiency of the City’s infrastructure.

Do you go to the Marina to celebrate Canada Day or enjoy the outside music during Summer in the Parks? That’s all organized by what is commonly referred to as “The City”.

What about during the winter, when we throw on our skates and play hockey on the numerous arenas around the city, or in the summer, when we play golf or baseball on any of the city owned and operated greenspaces? This webpage is a central hub for youth and student services brought to you by the City of Thunder Bay. It aims to provide City services and organizations that can give you valuable experience and resources.   

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Read the Welcome to Your City brochure to learn about our history, governance, opportunities for youth, Sister Cities, official recognition, symbols and services.

Welcome to Your City  PDF Document Icon Acrobat PDF, 8 pages, 291 KB